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Welcome to the sharing community for wheelchair-accessible cars, introduced to you by Wheeliz! They are the first company to offer such a car-renting solution. The principle is easy – owners can share their car when they don’t need it and earn money, while other drivers can enjoy mobility at all times with full car insurance by MAIF. There are over 100,000 adapted cars in France, Wheeliz decided it was time to democratize them.

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Launched in 2015, Wheeliz has already won several trophies and prizes such as the best project of “Assises de la Finance Participative” (Sharing Economy), the Citizen Engagement prize at the “Moovjee Innovons Ensemble” competition (Innovating together), and also the Entrepreneur Student prize within “Economie Sociale et Solidaire” (Solidarity and Social Economy).

To get a closer look into the Wheeliz adventure, we got to chat with Rémi Janot, CTO and co-founder, about their use of

Challenge: Troubleshooting & Ensuring App Performance in an Auto-scaling Architecture

Launching the website in April 2015, having 1000 users and 120 cars registered back then, plus several hundred rentals throughout France, our product was growing rapidly. Since we aimed to offer the best service possible, we needed to address a few technical challenges.
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We didn’t have enough data to analyze. Zabbix was there for application monitoring, yet we needed a more reliable log analyzer for troubleshooting. Just picture it, “if something happened, I had to deep dive into the logs via ssh and check what was wrong. It wasn’t the easiest nor the best way of doing things” – as Rémi Janot says.

What’s more, we are running on an auto-scaling system so we commission and respectively decommission servers automatically, while our ressources constantly adapt to load. Usually, this is very useful but by decommissioning servers, we were losing logs. So when something happened in our system, data was often missing and it slowed down the fixing process.

“We were losing logs and had a limited view of our users’ problems”, Rémi Janot, CTO and co-founder Wheeliz

1. The Solution: Converting to Easy Setup and Logging

Once we found, the setup and installation were very quick. We configured Syslog-ng, then deployed using Puppet and, after a few minutes only, was up and running! Logs started flowing in, smoothly and with no trouble. We were on the go with our brand new log analyzer.

After seeing the first results, we got so excited, we decided to log even more. So we started collecting richer machine data in order to gain a more operational-oriented understanding. One detail we added was the ID request of customers, which facilitates tracking down issues. It narrows down logs afferent to each specific request and funnels our focus to the problem.

2. Beyond the Solution: Confidently going through Product Launch Media Exposure with

We came a long way from having some emails sent by Symfony 2, checking them hours or even days later, and yet lacking data because of the autoscaling system. Now we get access to all the data – past and specific per session as well!
wheeliz location provided us with an overview of our system. This was crucial for us when we launched Wheeliz, since we had media coverage and amazing exposure. Plus, everything was advancing at a fast-pace, our activity was developing, servers were being added – so Wheeliz had to run perfectly!

“ helped Wheeliz enhance user experience during business critical time” says Rémi Janot

3. Beyond the Solution: Monitoring Payment APIs and Website Robots

There is more to be done with We are currently setting up dashboards to discover and understand SEO robots that navigate on our website, or to monitor the payment API. We are quite excited by this log analyzer and the possibilities it opens, so we will keep exploring other ideas and use cases.

Wheeliz uses of is a great example of how to ensure critical app visibility and stability.

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" helped Wheeliz enhance user experience during product launch, a critical business time, when we had media coverage and real exposure."


Rémi Janot
CTO, Wheeliz

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