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SimpliField Partners up with for Centralized Logging

The Business: Retail

SimpliField is your trusted companion for your retail sales & merchandising processes. The company helps clients, such as Courir, Le Coq Sportif or Leader Santé, to gain visibility into their retail execution capabilities.

SimpliField enables fast decision-making processes, access to detailed information and reduced workflow time. For example, one of their clients gained 6 weeks in their decision-making process. This is possible through real-time dashboards, overview of operations at different sale points, offline working functions, flexibility in the app and recorded history of reports.

SimpliField uses for centralized logging and refining their app performance – hear it directly from Georges Plancke, CTO @ SimpliField.

The Challenge: Enabling centralized logging and troubleshooting effortlessly

Since SimpliField guarantees real-time, reliable information to clients, we needed to have a deep understanding of what was going on in our system, both on the users’ side and on the infrastructure level.
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Initially, we thought command line was all we needed and we believed we could find all the necessary information we needed with it. But we quickly came to understand that it was not enough to provide the app performance we were aiming for and it didn’t enable centralized logging. We had to connect to each of our machines, open log file after log file to find the problem. So it was really time consuming. On top of that we had New Relic: it provided us with many dashboards but it didn’t allow us to deep dive into the data and find the explanations behind them.

Then, we were thus quickly seduced by’s approach, because we understood we could tailor our dashboards to our needs and proceed to centralized logging easily. And so we adopted it.

1. The Solution: A single hub with powerful search capabilities

We immediately started enjoying the user-friendly GUI of As their centralized logging platform and search capabilities are very powerful, we understand all processes in our stack and can make correlations quickly. We are able to find the root cause very fast whenever in need, thus cutting down time and effort invested in troubleshooting.

“I believe it takes 3 or 4x less time than before to troubleshoot”, Georges Plancke, CTO @ SimpliField

We combined the debugging process with monitoring and efficient alerting. Through these 3 capabilities, truly widened our vision – we see and do everything through one single tool! Plus, we can now detect and fix issues before they escalate and impact the users or the business. We are full-on proactive and able to drive our app performance at each level. It is safe to say:

“There is no way back”, Georges Plancke, CTO @ SimpliField

2. Beyond the Solution: Enjoying the easy set-up & integration

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We were impressed by the simplicity of integrating the software into our stack. We decided to send our logs via Syslog-ng and all it took was a few lines we wrote in: 15 min was all that was needed to get logs flowing into Taking into account parsing and working on our log format to get the most of our data, set up took 1 hour.

The fact that we didn’t have to handle any complex frameworks or use external services was also of value. We can really just send in our logs, configure our dashboards and get our results. Through our logs we visualise all the data and analytics we need.

Simplifield uses’s centralizing and searching capabilities to ensure smooth app performance and debugging.

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"The fact that we didn’t have to handle any complex frameworks or use external services was of value. We just send in our logs, configure dashboards & get our results."


Georges Plancke
CTO, SimpliField

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