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Setkeeper Recovers Business Eyesight with Log Analytics

The Business

Setkeeper, a digital app for entertainment industry professionals, is revolutionizing the movie pre-production processes. Setkeeper helps save both time and money by facilitating management, information exchange and ensuring nice, smooth communication between teams.

Their innovation and business maturity ensured they were among the few selected by the Microsoft Ventures program in Paris to accelerate their development. So keep their website in check to follow their progress!

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Setkeeper is using to fine tune both their technical and business performance. Here is what Hugo Cordier, CTO, and Michel Guillet, backend engineer, shared with us on their experience.

The Challenge: Easy data investigation

In order to ensure a great user experience, we wanted to get a deep and detailed understanding of how our users were using our app, but gaining these insights was difficult. We were using Mixpanel, which required our intervention each time adjustments were needed.

Troubleshooting and monitoring was done manually by connecting to each machine, grepping and looking for errors. It was a time-consuming process and only provided us with limited information, without any context. So we needed a more efficient solution to access our data and get contextual information.

1. The Solution: Clear and accessible view of our app

We met in Paris at the dotScale conference and decided to try it. The first step was logging our data via Logback and SLF4J, to structure it for our future log analytics. Then, our nicely filtered data was pouring into in no time.

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Monitoring turned into a breeze as we became able to see our different metrics in one single dashboard. As all the analyses we initially wanted to do became so easily available, we decided to enrich our vision through a set of lower log analytics aspects, such as disk usage or memory. Things got much simpler – we understood what was happening in our app and we could troubleshoot fast by immediately finding the root cause, down at the log level. The icing on the cake was setting up’s alerting system to get real-time updates via Slack.

“ brought us back control over our app” Hugo Cordier, CTO, Setkeeper

2. The Solution: Gaining insights into our product and user experience

We had recovered full visibility of our app. And by adding context to our logs into, everyday brought a clearer view over our business. For example, we added the project ID and referenced app modules into the logs. It helps us understand how and what our clients use within it. So planning our app development and evolution of specific modules is much easier as decisions are continuously driven by log data insights.

3. Beyond the Solution: Speeding up business decisions

Taking data driven business decisions has become much easier, thanks to log analytics:

“Gathering user activity data previously took us one full headcount for 2 full days a week. Now it is instantaneous, checking’s dashboards.” Hugo Cordier, CTO, Setkeeper

Saving so much time allowed us to transfer it to qualitative analysis making sense of trends and preferences – to feed business decisions at our weekly management meetings.

4. Beyond the Solution: Increasing integration to our operations

Log analytics with helped us in many ways, even by over-delivering to some clients. For example, one mistakenly erased some of their data after following a specific course of actions. But thanks to, we simply re-tracked the actions the customer had run and were able to retrieve the missing data!
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We value the possibility of continuously adding all types of logs to, since it widens our analysis possibilities. We have already added various KPIs, such as time spent on our app, and others are yet to come. We’re planning on integrating the software in many other internal systems. It’s great to be working with such an adjustable tool that fuels our ideas to improve our software and business.

Setkeeper using is a great example of gaining full app visibility with log analytics, whether to investigate bugs or user behavior.

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"We get a deeper understanding of trends and preferences of users. This feeds our business decisions at our weekly management meetings and helps us save time."


Hugo Cordier
CTO, Setkeeper

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