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is revolutionizing the retail and coupons’ market by offering a quick, three-step service, thanks to their easy-to-use mobile app. Users buy, take a picture of the receipt and get reimbursed on the Shopmium exclusive offers! shopmium by No more coupons, no more technical problems or wandering around to enjoy their favourite offers!

Shopmium is not only fast, but also easy to use. Users can get notifications or look for offers themselves, and they can also choose where to direct the rebate – be it their bank account, PayPal or even charity! Currently, over 2 Million users appreciate Shopmium, launched in 2011 and still growing rapidly.

In this light, we had the chance to meet Quentin de Chivre, CTO, and Thomas Larrieu, lead developer at Shopmium, to discover how they use our log analyzer,

The Challenge: Setting up a unique tool for realtime dashboards as well as underlying log entries

In order to build a performant, high-quality app, we required solid data machine analytics and monitoring. We needed to be proactive and to identify bottlenecks when something occurred. We thus started investigating, seeking for the ideal tool.

Given that we were on Heroku, we tested the options immediately available on their marketplace. This meant 1) Loggly, 2) Logentries and 3), we tried the combo Papertrail for logs and Librato for metrics. We ran the three at the same time to compare and choose. None of them proved to be what we were really looking for – they were too slow and weren’t convenient for a daily use. They didn’t allow us to conduct the analyses we wanted.
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More often than not we were using two tools instead of using just one, which didn’t facilitate things for us. Troubleshooting was still strenuous. For example, when a sudden peak in a metric appeared, we couldn’t understand the cause right away. So we had to access a second tool to track down the real issue. Our charts were separated from the logs’, meaning that we had to swap between tools every time. “When we were running queries, it was slow. We lost time waiting for the results”, says Thomas Larrieu, lead developer Shopmium.

Our expectations not being fulfilled, we kept looking for other ways to monitor our machine data.

“We wanted a BI (business intelligence) type of tool to slice and dice.” Thomas Larrieu, lead developer Shopmium

1. The Solution: Easy access to intelligent analytics and dashboards

In our search for the proper tool for us, we finally found and decided to give it a try. Initially, Heroku didn’t offer on its marketplace. However, it was possible to prepare and send our logs to them. This was a first solid step into building our log management strategy.
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We scanned once more what we were logging at that time and got to define what to focus on further.

If you want to learn more on collecting logs, find everything in our companion article – Beyond Application Monitoring: Discover Logging Best Practices.

Then we accessed the platform and started exploring its functions. We are greatly excited by the insights it provides us with. The capabilities of filtering information, manipulating features and analyzing data fit our needs so much better than all other options we had tested previously. They enhance our monitoring abilities tremendously by providing valuable data dashboards and offering an overview of our system.

2. Beyond the Solution: Turning troubleshooting into a breeze

Troubleshooting goes hand in hand with the monitoring abilities of This process used to be complex and tedious, but now it has improved massively. Thanks to all the data we cover, we can see the big picture. And what is more, we can deep dive into one issue, track the relevant log entries and understand what is happening. And we can do this with only ONE tool, in no time!

“We have increased the speed to find root cause.”, Thomas Larrieu, lead developer Shopmium

Since troubleshooting has started running so smoothly thanks to, we even spread the software to other systems to follow and understand them.

3. Beyond the Solution: Planning the future of monitoring with’s JS library

cash back provides us with resourceful information and data. It helps us gain insight and internal knowledge into our systems and processes. We are considering going one step further and enriching our monitoring capabilities even more, by inspecting the js library and getting data from customers’ browser. We aim to deepen our global understanding of all systems with

Shopmium’s use of shows how to get easy access to resourceful analytics and speed up troubleshooting.

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"We can deep dive into one issue, track the relevant log entries and understand what is happening. And we can do this with only ONE tool, in no time! "


Quentin de Chivré
CTO, Shopmium

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