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Netguru watches over 50 projects with log analytics

The business: A wide range of tech services

Netguru provides international consulting services in programming, systems integration, design, and software solutions creation. Interacting with them is always a pleasure, as they constantly bring a mix of friendly interactions, creative innovation and professionalism to our discussions. Their Ruby on Rails and mobile development teams display a breadth of expertise. They have already built numerous web and mobile applications, web pages and complex e-commerce solutions, as well as performed UX/UI and code reviews over their 8 years of lifespan.

The challenge: Investigate all of their apps’ performance

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“Building or improving our clients software solutions means more than just delivering new code to us. It also means providing secure, safe and operationally reliable applications.” So Netguru team figured they needed to get live log data without having developers actually connect to servers. They felt they needed such a tool because if the connection to a server was lost, they risked losing all log data stored in it. Plus the information had to be up-to-date to make sure they could react immediately when an incident happened. Finally, with all the apps they’re building, they needed to be able to monitor and investigate all apps performance in one single place.

1. The solution: All data live in one tool for apps performance

Having found on Heroku marketplace, they tested it and found out it solved all of their problems. They felt it was super easy to set up thanks to its intuitive dashboard and comprehensive documentation, full of carefully described use cases, and didn’t encounter any problems. As they needed a solution for a Docker-based infrastructure, they found out that Logmatic can provide them with with a Docker image that they can seamlessly use in their setup.

“Now has become one of the favourite tools of our 5+ devops team. They’re able to watch over all of our projects – 50 at the time- and devops can make sure everything is working just fine.” Netguru sends approximately 1/2GB of data daily depending on traffic, both system logs and web app logs, mostly Nginx and Docker data.

Alerting is related to Netguru’s initial need to make sure they take actions if an incident happens. They set up alerts that they receive both via emails and Slack for immediate actions. Some of their alerts check for specific phrases in logs, while some other alerts check if the number of logs sent by one server has not gone over a specific threshold for the past 15 min.

2. Beyond the solution: Unexpected tech insights from log analytics

“The coolest thing with is playing with graphs” shares Adam Nowak. He then adds: “With we discovered that logging could be done at an analysis level, and not only at a granular server level”:

  • Graphs: Netguru visualize for example which parts of their apps are used the most frequently, or what the average access times are. This more global vision shows them areas of improvement for their apps. It makes it clearer for them what to prioritize in order to make apps even more efficient and adequate for their end users. They indeed create tickets for further app iterations based on the conclusions we draw from analyzing graphs.
  • Dashboards:’s dashboards give them an overview of our servers’ current condition. Even a quick look at their customized dashboard enables them to quickly analyze situations, draw conclusions and take action. They run many concurrent projects, so it’s important for them to be able to compare them. It gives them another opportunity for identifying areas for further optimisation.

“Since we started using, the data analysis has become so easy that it would be crazy not to do it. Without the tool, we would have to devote a lot of time to writing custom scripts for analyzing custom sets of data” Adam points out. Now they can do analyses in no time whenever an issue occurs.

Moving forward

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Netguru plans to further use analytics capabilities for dashboards and alerts. The very next step might be to send mobile data, while in the long run, they’re thinking of using the platform for business analytics in addition to web analytics.

Netguru’s use case brings the unexploited value of logs into the spotlight. Discover other stories of companies using to get powerful tech insights such as Videdressing or Outscale. Other companies, Sendinblue use log analytics for Support & Marketing insights.

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" has become one of the favourite tools of our 5+ devops team. They’re able to watch over all of our projects - 50 at the time. "


Adam Nowak
Head of Technology, Netguru

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