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BlaBlaCar is the world’s leading long distance ridesharing service, connecting people who need to travel with drivers who have empty seats, to share the costs of the ride. Internationally acclaimed, Forbes and Fortune tagged them as the “newest European Unicorn” after their $200 million fundraise in summer 2015.

BlaBlaCar’s success is awe inspiring, with operations over 22 countries, over 25 million members and 10 million travelers per trimester! With state of the art web and mobile platforms, their international technical team is in charge of complex and traffic intensive operations.
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Saad Bouchehboun, Technical Manager at BlaBlaCar, explained to us their mission and how they use log management platform to get ahead.

The Challenge: Excellent analytics & alerting to ensure great user experience on our mobile app

“Proper performance of our app just isn’t enough for us”. Everything should go as smoothly as possible for each and every one. “The member is the boss” is carved in our DNA, and is one of our mottos. This pushes us to constantly innovate. And with large volumes – more than 20 million users – ensuring good service quality means that a deep understanding of our app behaviour is key.
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We wanted to monitor the real latency experienced by our users: how long does it take for our app to display results when members have entered a search? Conducting these real life latency checks meant logging from our mobile apps in addition to monitoring our own servers. The question was thus, should we process with internal solutions or an external provider? Should logging at BlaBlaCar only be dealt with internally?

Indeed, we were already using ELK to log backend data. At that time, it didn’t allow us to get information split by country or to define the alerts we needed, when both functions were critical for us to monitor our performance. Plus getting information on ELK was dealt with by our architects who take care of infra, network and ops. Their job is at the heart of our activity, and their time is more than precious. They were fully booked and have tasks with higher priorities.

So we moved on with and found out it answered our stated needs. It provides us with deep analysis capabilities and clear information, clean and easily built dashboards for monitoring purposes, coupled with alerting possibilities.

1. The Solution: Getting full visibility into our mobile app for troubleshooting

Developers use the log analyzer for our mobile app and the payment backend. They monitor and alert the activity of the app through API alerts and errors for each country separately and detect any unusual behaviour in the code. At the same time it allows the payment team to constantly have an eye on the metrics. Devs, lead devs and architects all have huge screens in their offices and use on a daily basis to get real-time insights into the app and assist them in their work.
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Now that we send our mobile app logs to, we are able to conduct proper latency checks. We monitor each country’s access to our servers to ensure our members everywhere always have good access to our service. has enabled us to build our own dashboards representing calls per API and define alerts on them. So for example, when last week alerted us that the number of errors of an API call had multiplied by four, we were able to look at the dashboard and filter information directly to look at different metrics. We understood, on the spot, the exact specific case that had caused the problem and we fixed it immediately.

“We get granular information that reduces bug fix time”, Saad Bouchehboun, Technical Manager

With monitoring & alerting possibilities, combined with exploration capabilities, tech teams now take the lead when issues appear. As Saad Bouchehboun explains, “We are now alerted very early on about production problems, and we have time to get things in hand several minutes before they affect a large number of members.” So logging at BlaBlaCar now really helps preventing users from having a bad user experience and contacting our Member Relations team.


2. Beyond the Solution: Log management that facilitates deployment

Given that developers can now see what is happening down at the log level, they are completely autonomous. They have direct access to the right log information at all times in a couple of minutes, they monitor production code easily and set their own alerts. Before, these same developers were depending on architects to find the appropriate information on ELK. So both developers and architects now save precious time.
Saving time devs

“Now devs are completely autonomous” Saad Bouchehboun, Technical Manager

Logging at BlaBlaCar now smooths out deployment, as developers can check the code they delivered is behaving properly. And less hassle on the deployment level means more focus on developing new features.


3. Beyond the Solution: Delivering insights to Member Relations

An unforeseen outcome of using is the speeding up of interactions with Member Relations. When in need of specific information from tech teams, the Member Relations team gets answers faster than ever before, and they can move on to other subjects. This is possible thanks to granular data that allows devs to quickly and clearly answer Member Relations’ questions and project studies.

Logging at BlaBlaCar ensures an amazing user experience through efficient troubleshooting, easy deployment and valuable data for the Member Relations departments – all thanks to Discover more: other clients also shared their logging stories on troubleshooting or marketing and how it helps control their business.

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" has enabled us to build dashboards representing calls per API and define alerts. We get granular information that reduces bug fix time."


Saad Bouchehboun
Technical Manager, BlaBlaCar

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