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Videdressing finds Log Software for Tech and Marketing Teams

The Business

The retailer Videdressing, a C2C marketplace, is the place to be for fashion lovers. Videdressing offers a unique experience to all fashion enthusiasts around the world. Users can sell their high end articles while customers buy the pieces they love: all communication and payment process happen through Videdressing. Users may also follow the latest trends, get inspired and share their passion with one another. logo videdressing

Being a service provider to Videdressing, we got the chance to exchange with Thomas Rembendambya, DevOps, and Hervé Lourdin, CTO at Videdressing.

The Challenge: Centralizing the logs of a quickly expanding infrastructure

Videdressing was developing rapidly, things were going great. Our technical team had to keep up with it so we were adding more and more servers, which meant more data and systems to follow. If we started off with 2 servers, we quickly moved up to 7, 9, and kept on going, but by that time we really needed to analyze our machine data! Yet, we did not have a reliable tool to enable us to do so.

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“Analyzing logs had become a nightmare!” Thomas Rembendambya, DevOps Videdressing

So we tried out several options. First we built a basic tool with Talend to collect and analyze our logs but it wasn’t sufficient. Then we gave Kibana a go since since our hoster suggested it to us. But we realised that it was not answering our needs, since we had to handle a great quantity of machine data and it used up too many of our resources. Shipping logs had do be done almost manually, the process was time consuming. We found that the analytics possibilities were rather limited as well. So our search for an adequate log software went on.

1. The Solution: Gaining Control over our System – Troubleshooting, Monitoring & Alerting all in one

All devs, the devops and the CTO use at Videdressing. Devs are definitely the number one client of the log analyzer. Since it’s intuitive and interactive, no training is needed to understand how it works, so the log software quickly spread to the whole tech team.

“There’s great UI flexibility, I appreciate not being constrained by 2 or 3 dimensions or pre-defined analytics. In fact, it’s a freedom that I haven’t found anywhere else.”, Thomas Rembendambya, DevOps Videdressing

The setup was easy and it only took half a day – we launched our machine data analytics tool in a flash. Knowing exactly what we wanted to follow, we sent our logs to right away: we store all logs, for all layers of our application stack. Everything in was parsed, the setup was agentless, no deployment required, we controlled the UI easily, set our own parameters – and then, realtime data started pouring in – done!

“When it comes to log centralization, from 2-3 hours, we’re now down to 2-3 clicks with”, Thomas Rembendambya

Once installed, it helps us save a lot of time. There’s a massive difference between the way we used to centralize logs with the previous tools and how we do it now with

“When it comes to log centralization, from 2-3 hours, we’re now down to 2-3 clicks with”, Thomas Rembendambya, DevOps Videdressing

This allows us to analyze our machine data and gain benefits on several levels:

A. Debugging sped up our troubleshooting thanks to realtime data from all environments. For example, it helped us to first notice the wrong behavior of our servers, if any, and then to deep dive and immediately see what was not working properly. So we could move on to fixing the issue. We access real underlying data easily, “we are very close to reality, there is very little transformation”, states Thomas Rembendambya, DevOps.

B. Monitoring

Troubleshooting is coupled with the monitoring possibilities that offers. What we value is “being able to convert logs into graphs, because tables are not enough”, says Thomas Rembendambya, DevOps. These charts help us make fast correlations whenever we need to understand something happening on our stack. So the Videdressing CTO checks the dashboards as a morning routine, to make sure all is smooth in the system.
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C. Alerting

As for the alerting system, we use it intensively. We send alerts we wanted to follow via a webhook directly to Slack. Whenever an alert pops up, we are informed straight away by getting a notification from our Slack channel. This facilitates the organization and information tracking by the “on-call” team members. They can see everything easily, access alerts anytime, anywhere, even on the weekend.

“Let’s say that if didn’t exist, I would have tried to do it the exact same way” Thomas Rembendambya, DevOps Videdressing

2. Beyond the Solution: Gold data for Marketing

Given that the software is so user-friendly, the Marketing department has also started enjoying as a monitoring tool. Thomas Rembendambya, DevOps Videdressing, built a customized dashboard for the business team so they can track information accounting for their performance. The Marketing team is now autonomous, doing its own searches, creating its own graphs and alerts.

Marketing is particularly interested in emailing performance as emailing is key to building a long lasting relationship between the community of users and Videdressing. Getting visibility into what was happening was resource intensive. Yet, the Marketing team wanted to get a clear picture – were automated alerts on iconic handbags always working, was every member notified of new incoming articles or personalized alerts? Were the newsletter subscribers properly contacted? They wanted to follow all emailing steps to ensure things were running smoothly from initial website triggers down to the exiting of their emailing platform Mandrill. allowed Marketing to finally monitor and trace every step emails go through before being sent. This lifted the strain of data search off the tech team’s shoulders.

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So Marketing now sees exactly how well their email marketing strategy is performing. They created alerts to make sure email volumes do not go under a certain threshold, and are thus warned almost immediately when an emailing bug happens.

Through User ID monitoring, Videdressing is able to guarantee that not one user gets swamped by too many emails, a common marketing issue when users can receive emails from several automated triggers (such as alerts). They thus ensure a smooth user experience!

Videdressing not only ensures its troubleshooting, monitoring and alerting needs are met with, they also ensure the efficiency of their Marketing emailing processes.

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"Let’s say that if didn’t exist, I would have tried to do it the exact same way. We are very close to reality, there is very little transformation."


Thomas Rembendambya
DevOps, Videdressing

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