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The business

SendinBlue is a marketing software designed to easily manage Transactional & Marketing Email campaigns and SMS messages in one powerful platform. Launched in 2012, SendinBlue offers a simple and affordable tool, that manages all the complexity of handling multiple services at once with brio.

With over 100,000 clients SendinBlue is thriving, and has expanded its quarters internationally throughout the US, France and India. Their work is being mentioned and shared within the French startup community, and nothing but appreciation and good reviews are in sight… talk about a bright future.

Both beginners and advanced users benefit from the interface to effectively and easily manage their newsletters, transactional emails and text messages independently. Automation services – one of SendinBlue’s main focuses – let users enjoy creating customized customer experiences and marketing offersSending someone an automated email when their birthday has come or sending them a coupon after they have purchased over 100$ on your website are options now available within the platform. As they put it, they democratize email and SMS marketing.

SendinBlue shares below their experience with us, and how’s log management platform has come to largely exceed their initial expectations.

The challenge: Once upon a time, a Tech team wished for a proper tool to monitor their rapidly growing app

“Our app was young: there were many product analyses we wanted to do to understand our app behaviour in-depth” explains Baptiste Gazui, DevOps @ SendinBlue. Our Technical Team was – and still is – focused on ensuring application stability and reliability across our infrastructure. And as our services multiplied, tracking data across our different systems became more and more complex, while being critical to ensuring a great customer experience.

“Our Emailing platform was growing very fast. It was changing continuously, our Dev team adding new features everyday.”– Baptiste, DevOps @ SendinBlue

The SendinBlue App

We started by using in-house or basic exception monitoring and log management solutions. It was eating up a lot of our time and resources for only a low visibility result. So we then worked with a competing service to for log centralization. It did not prove any better: the service was very slow, search was complex, and possible analyses were limited.

“It was faster to grep than to use our previous log analyzing tool.” – Baptiste Gazui, DevOps @ SendinBlue

It was not meeting our performance needs. It was still difficult and labor intensive to track down problems. Our monitoring needs were not solved, we could not find the proper tool for us.

Using Machine data with

Having a rapidly evolving product with various services required an efficient log management system. Here’s how fitted our needs:

1. The Solution: Building a resilient app simply answered our initial need for proactive monitoring in every way. Our DevOps now constantly use their dashboards to monitor our app performance with processing times, error codes, sending rates differentiated by ISP, latency time to access specific pages…

Thanks to our client ID within we now smoothly track data cutting across multiple layers of our stack! We are thus able to easily understand intersections between transactional emailing, marketing emailing or automation. It really is a vital tool that enables us to track and make sense of our IT processes from beginning to end.
Log management dashboard

“I always have an opened tab with our monitoring dashboards.” – Baptiste Gazui, DevOps @ SendinBlue

What’s more, all this log collection and centralization is done in real time and accessible to any department that needs it. This is essential to us, since our team is internationally based and communication must be facilitated at all times.

Ensuring performance of our app has become much easier as we spend a significant lesser time in both analyses and difficult information sharing, and more time in troubleshooting or developing!

2. Beyond the Solution: Efficient log analyzing improves user experience’s use scope widened from our initial need of ensuring app performance to technical product development. Our DevOps are analyzing the centralized logs they access in monitoring platform to gain visibility into the app usage and users’ behaviour. We finally get an overview of underlying problems and common threads and can act on it in product planning.

We can thus deepdive into machine data such as access logs to our platform, number of APIs calls, or APIs usage in order to add users, to send an email, to trigger a campaign, or to setup transactional emails. We look in-depth at information coming from our APIs exit codes to understand what is going on and troubleshoot it. We are able to filter data in real-time and to slice the information depending on users.
SendinBlue Newsletter

Being able to perform this type of data analysis made us realize several clients are not using a function properly, either because documentation was not clear enough, or because there is a bug on our side. also enhanced product development by allowing easy access to production logs. We’ve adopted a continuous delivery system, and having our Devs to use considerably eases deployment fixes. Information sharing between Devs and DevOps has become simple as makes it very easy to share information thanks to bookmarks and code delivered is now performing quicker.

3. Beyond the Solution: Customer services now access log data

By collecting statistics on each customer’s usage, also offers valuable insights to the Marketing and Sales Support departments, allowing them to improve customer relationship.
International Team
These departments now easily access and explore previously unattainable machine data to advise customers on how to improve their emailing performance.

Customer Service quickly realised the real-time information accessible through combined with the easiness to navigate its interface could change the way they work. And directly accessing the information did reduce answering time dramatically for them. It also freed up time for technical people, and it freed both teams from cumbersome interactions.

“Answering time to clients was reduced by 5h on average.” – Amalia Bercot, CMO

All Customer Service members – across 3 countries and with business backgrounds – are able to query information in about sending logs without coding notions. This proves that the right log management and machine data analyzing system propagates value from to the whole company.

Our trade is indeed in routing. Most of our clients have questions on deliverability, they are anxious to know if an important campaign they sent was indeed received and clicked. Before using, Support Services needed to refer to our Technical team to answer this question. It was a real thorn in their side as they were constantly facing a black box. So we are saving time thanks to’s application monitoring system.

“It objectively changed our lives.” – Amalia Bercot, CMO

We now include a training on as well as our own platform for all new Customer Support members. The latter really get a deeper understanding of our service now!

4. Beyond the Solution: Anchoring machine data in our business processes

The number and types of users of grew rapidly from DevOps to Devs, management, support, sales and marketing as we discovered a wider set of use cases.

As we realised how much more we could do with the platform, its use spread from the technical team to business teams, and we started feeding with more and more data. We still keep on adding logs to the platform to always finetune our monitoring abilities.

We have incorporated machine data monitoring needs in our Tech processes. We now specify logs formating needs for all new features to our developers, so our understanding of our app becomes continuously richer and deeper.

Sendinblue uses of ensures resiliency of their app as well as improved efficiency of their Support services.

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"As we realised how much more we could do with the platform, its use spread from the tech team to business teams. We started sending more and more data. "


Armand Thiberge
Founder & CEO, SendinBlue

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