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With software significantly facilitating work and interactions between departments, modern companies are increasingly using HRIS. For both financial and HR managers collecting, storing and intelligently sharing information in order to keep up with changes is essential. To do so requires an automated system, and this is when Lucca, an intelligent & modular HR SaaS, steps in.
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Lucca is rapidly growing as companies such as Michel et Augustin, Deezer or Withings chose to work with their offered services. Lucca’s search for top performance and user satisfaction have generated its massive development. With over 800 clients and 120 000 final users, they are a leader in the mid-size companies’ market.

Bruno Catteau, VP of Platform and Security, discussed with us their experience. Gather around and discover their story.

The Challenge – Getting a deep understanding of our platform on a Windows infrastructure

As Bruno Catteau puts it, “at Lucca we want to ensure an unbelievable user experience”. Our users should be able to find the right button at the right place, and it’s up to us to deliver that effortless experience. Everything needs to be smooth and simple.

Our company has been constantly growing in the last two years, and so have our challenges and needs of understanding each and every aspect of our infrastructure. We thus wanted to improve our log management system and our problem solving capabilities more rapidly.

With a data driven approach in mind, we first built an in-house tool to give us insights into our interface and started following server metrics, memory, CPU or disk usage with PRTG implemented in our systems. platform lucca It offered us a deeper understanding of our customers, their behaviour and our servers’ performance in real-time. But we still couldn’t cover what had happened in the past, which forced us to create alerts and… wait around for the errors to happen again!

In need of more efficiency, we decided to give Piwik and Loggly a try, but they didn’t fit our demands. Piwik wasn’t well suited for our Windows infrastructure and Loggly wasn’t providing the results we were looking for. Ongrowing dissatisfaction pushed us to look further.

1. The Solution: Finally a clear overview to lead app performance ingests all types of data so it fitted our architecture perfectly. We soon discovered a clear overview of everything happening in our stack. It now enables to understand our customers’ usage.

“It is surprising to see how deeply is anchored in our platform” says Bruno Catteau, VP of Platform and Security

Before, we couldn’t see the forest for the trees but now we get the information we need to take informed decisions in a simpler way.
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Having such a clear view is making many of our day to day tasks much simpler. For example, before using, we once wanted to remove an API functionality, but the process of doing so turned out to be a real quagmire. Trying to identify the specific users of that feature in order to notify them revealed itself to be way more complicated than you could first picture. Thanks to, we are now able to track FTP, FTPS and SFTP data and directly get the list of users affected by a change. Then it’s pretty easy to inform them on any change.

We also had a Web Application Firewall to prevent typical SQL injections into our apps. It was working great and solving some of our potential application security flaws. The only problem was that we had no means to know if it was impacting our users or solely hackers. With, we’re able to refine our WAF’s targeting of hackers as we directly see what’s happening.

On top of getting the big picture, there’s a bonus: speed. Real-time information is crucial for our team of developers since the majority of them are from the Y Generation. They always want instant answers. The other log management tools were slow, requiring 3 minutes for every query to charge, and they simply stopped using them.

“We see all that’s happening. The calculation ability is really there!”, Bruno Catteau, VP of Platform and Security

The team was impressed by how fast processes queries over 5GB of data by 15 days in realtime.

2. Beyond the Solution: Access to evidence for Product Owners

We’ve always been fanatic about performance, looking for each of our pages to respond in less than a second. Now that we can access past information with, logging has become exciting: product owners finally get super reporting and the evidence they need. Many underlying phenomena were thus finally seen and it resulted in additional work!

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Product development is really done hand in hand with customer feedback, as we actually have the means to see their feedback. Their behaviour is included in product development planning. We’re really doing some sort of A/B testing on our app performance thanks to our We’re considering using’s js library to go one step further in understanding customers feature usage.

3. Beyond the Solution: Machine data insights for everyone in the company!

Other departments are now getting insights they did not even know existed. I get dozens of requests every day about our system that only take me minutes to answer. So we now all have access to data that we could not use before, plus it is very easy to actually get the data. It does not require anymore filing a request and purposely taking time to mine information. I find the information in a couple of clicks and simply send dashboards or screenshots to the enquirer.

“I enjoy sending analyses to my colleagues whenever they have questions on our application. They can then play around with the data and explore further” Bruno Catteau, VP of Platform and Security

Using’s log management platform really eased our interactions and simplified workflows in the office.

Support especially is now using machine data analytics they access through platform. For example, as our application sends emails on our user’s behalf, customers would typically call only minutes after sending their email to enquire about performance. Our Support team is thus very interested in knowing if emails were actually sent.
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We previously did not know how to trace emails correctly down to our SMTP gateway. So we used to work with a tool which would take 3 hours to take logs in charge. We got the information all right, but both our users and our Support team had to wait before getting the answer they were interested in.

Whereas now our Support Team accesses the information they need right away in log analyzer. They can explain what happened instantly to clients. Most of the information they want is available directly through and they are now quite autonomous.

Lucca uses to ensure visibility into their systems, facilitate product development, and to share tech data to other departments such as Support.

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" is a kind of miracle for our developers. Bringing to life so much data, that quickly? They're all eager to use it and understand how it works."


Bruno Catteau
VP of Platform and Security, Lucca

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