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A critical tool for increased proactivity in Outscale’s day to day work

The Business

Founded in 2010, Outscale is a cutting-edge Cloud provider that offers Enterprise-Class Cloud Computing infrastructure services (IaaS). Outscale is committed to offer excellent services by combining both innovation – 15% of their revenue is invested into R&D – and thoroughness. Their ability to offer high performance and scalability anywhere in the world has won them a number of international corporate clients. With an infrastructure entirely Cisco Powered®, they are CMSP Advanced certified.

Delivering Enterprise-Class services with a strong focus on performance and quality implies high standards both for developments and infrastructure choices. With scalability and performance optimization in mind, the Outscale tech team started looking for a log management solution. At the time, “sysadmins would directly connect to Syslog servers and grep logs to investigate questions” recalls Gaëtan Jeunet, Head of Service Continuity, “so we were looking to increase proactivity”.

The Challenge: The choice to build or buy

We’ve looked into building our tool with open source solutions. It quickly appeared that spending human resources to build and maintain a tool that was not part of our core know-how would be outperformed by buying one that’s specifically designed for it. After benchmarking solutions both for performance and integration capabilities, we opted for log analyzer.

1. The Solution: Heightened visibility

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The most important and immediate benefit of using is the time gained to investigate logs. They send all types of infrastructure logs to their platform from different services, including both hardware and VMs. A lot of those logs are coming from Syslog servers.

“Changes induced by platform are substantial, so much so that it has become critical to our day-to-day work” Gaëtan Jeunet explains, “We’ve got traceability, we create filters, we extract KPIs…”

Another benefit that they had not entirely foreseen is the more aerial view of their infrastructure. Extracting KPIs allows them to get the bigger picture and insights that they would not have had because of the limited time. They are, therefore, able to identify categories of challenges. Gaëtan Jeunet adds “Having such a global visibility really drives continuous improvement and completely bypasses the potential phase when clients experience issues”.

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2. Beyond the Solution: Developers, Service Providers and Support get direct access to prod data has enabled unprecedented log data access to devops and sysadmins, but also to other teams that previously had no direct access to production data:

  • Developers can now very efficiently debug platforms in case of incidents
  • Potential service providers that would access for the purpose of maintaining optimal production conditions. Such outsourcing requires a solution such as the one offers for providers to manage platforms.

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Speaking specifically about our Support team, we have gained so much extra time in the level 2 support team that is using Our SLAs, guaranteed response time as well as guaranteed repair time can be really short, and we still want to give outstanding answers. With their request IDs, Outscale can trace back all the client request movements. Thanks to these request IDs slicing and filtering information with, can easily identify where and when something unusual happened.

Typically, “Sysadmins looking into logs would have taken about 10 minutes to find what they were looking for. With, it could take only 3 minutes. As a result, investigation time has been divided by 3 approximately” Gaëtan Jeunet explains. And Outscale Level 2 Support gained efficiency and fluidity in their day-to-day work.

3. Beyond the Solution: Plans for the future

Outscale is looking into extending use both for level 1 and level 3 (specialised network experts and sysadmins) support in 2017. As is also manageable by less technical people, they are considering letting their sales access to the platform to manage POCs.

Want to see more of what logging analytics can do? See how Netguru is using it to sharpen investigation on their system, Videdressing to track e-mails and Sendinblue to answer clients fast.

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"Having such a global visibility really drives continuous improvement and completely bypasses the potential phase when clients experience issues."


Gaëtan Jeunet
Head of Service Continuity, Outscale

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