Just send us any type of logs, and we will do the powerful processing. No installation or agent is required, Logmatic.io runs entirely on the cloud. Follow the simple step-by-step tutorial and your logs will be easily integrated and centralized into our log analysis platform.

Logmatic.io log software set up
  • Send any type of logs, machine events, or metrics from anywhere. Automated integration examples:
    Linux, Windows, platforms as Heroku or Docker, servers with Apache & NGINX, devices with iOS, browsers with JS library, code language with PHP Symfony or Ruby on Rails…
  • No need for any Logmatic.io proprietary code on your servers. Purely agentless, or with a log shipper, you chose
  • Scale on demand, with no automated overage penalties
  • Organize information using logical fields, metrics and tag sets


Readily transform raw & heterogeneous data into structured and meaningful information. The Logmatic.io log software recognizes patterns or lets you run your very own custom parsing rules. Use dynamic tagging to bundle information that cuts across multiple layers of your technology stack to trace requests and transactions, for an easy log analysis experience.

Logmatic.io parsing data
  • Automatic recognition: Apache, Nginx, Syslogs, Firewalls, JSON events, key/value patterns, etc…
  • Customisable grok parsers: validate, test, deploy right away, directly from Logmatic.io’s user interface
  • Integrated IP geolocation and user-agent parsing: identify visitors’ browsers, OS and devices
  • Custom tagging: categorize and group elements that cut across your stack


From a bird’s view of all your centralized logs, instantly filter your machine data using several attributes, and get visibility down to the appropriate entries at once. Log analysis has never been that comfy! Get immediate answers as you analyze your logs and solve events just as they occur.

Logmatic.io log analysis
  • Faceted and full-text granular searches down to log level
  • Granular search down to log level
  • Real-time logs and real-time search
  • Complex search queries: AND, OR, exclusions, wildcards, fuzzy searches, …


Quickly craft beautiful dashboards and share them to Devs, Ops and Bus. departments. Let them happily discover the data as they click and deepdive directly into their log analysis dashboards, accessing new and insightful information from different angles. Machine data is now accessible & usable to everyone with Logmatic.io log software.

Logmatic.io log analysis dashboard
  • Real-time, customizable log analyses; navigate and filter your data in real-time to create the adequate analyses for you.
  • Instantly interactive dashboards : just click and get all the graphs in your dashboard adequately filtered
  • Efficient data visualization: time series, pie charts based on counts / sums / averages / percentiles / calculated metrics & filtered metrics, geo maps, flow charts, pivot tables…
  • Custom Filters & Dynamic Tag sets: customize your data handles on the go to facilitate your navigation across log data from several services


Detect deviations and abnormal behaviours. Always be the first to know when something is happening and get notified within seconds.

Logmatic.io alert
  • Create highly flexible alerts based on your logs analyses with search queries or metrics, and user-defined thresholds
  • Receive alerts via email, Slack, PagerDuty or HipChat
  • Get real-time, hourly, daily and weekly reportings
  • Obtain alerts via fully templatable webhooks and get your servers notified by our log management software


Use the Logmatic.io log management software to populate tech apps and automate processes. Collaborate with other company departments by sharing relevant log analyses.

  • RESTful API lets you integrate key information
    from Logmatic.io into your own apps, CRMs and BI tools
  • Security filters allow you to share with each
    team user the exact level and scope of data they need

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