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Feature Starter Pro Entreprise
Standard features
Nb of Users 2 5 As per your requirements
Nb of Fields & Metrics 10 30 As per your requirements
Nb of Alerts 2 10 As per your requirements
Nb of Parsers 3 5 As per your requirements
Nb of Custom Parsing Rules 1 3 As per your requirements
Nb of Days of Backup on our Servers 7 15 As per your requirements
Nb of Calls/Hour of Output API 50 500
Nb of Alert Endpoint 1 As per your requirements
User Agent to Enrich Logs
GeoIP Localization
Advanced Analytics such as Sankey
User Data Access Control
Support Email Priority Dedicated & Live

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Pricing FAQs

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What happens if I exceed my plan?

When it comes to data, you can call us tolerant. If you exceed your monthly plan, don’t fret it, this often happens in a crisis. Just ask for help and we will lend a hand and continue to capture your log data. If you continue to exceed your plan over months, we will contact you to further discuss options about upgrading to a bigger plan.

Do I send my data in batches or realtime?

As you wish; it all depends on your needs. You might want to monitor in real time what is happening in your environment, or you might want to have a centralized place with integrated parsers that can deal with the information you send in batches.

What happens at the end of my trial?

If you have not yet signed for a plan at the end of your two week free trial, your account will be automatically closed. Don’t worry though, we’ll warn you ahead of your upcoming end of trial so you can save your work. We are, of course, available to discuss the best plan fit for your company’s goals.

Are there any security filters?

Yes there are. We understand that the privacy and security of your information is very important to you. So we make sure that you can manage all the data accessible to your logmatic.io’s users.

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