"We have recovered eyesight on our business"
says Hugo Cordier, CTO at Setkeeper

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Working at Logmatic.io means getting the chance to meet and cooperate with many breakthrough companies. Setkeeper is one of those, a company with an incredible drive to bring technological innovation to the world of entertainment. It is aiming to make it big!

This is what Hugo Cordier, CTO, and Michel Guillet, backend engineer, told us about their experience with Logmatic.io:

Setkeeper helps movie production teams work smoothly

Setkeeper is a collaborative online app designed to help in the staging, organizing and creative managing of movie pre-production. Crews can share and organize key information such as storyboards, costume pictures and casting shoots.

Grepping for errors was troublesome

Michel Guillet We ran into a few technical issues before meeting up with Logmatic.io. For example, having an understanding of what our users were doing was difficult. We were using Mixpanel, which required an intervention every time an adjustment was needed. We also had much trouble in monitoring and troubleshooting our Setkeeper app. It needed us to actively search for the errors by logging in into each machine, and using grep. It was a tedious process that only resulted in very limited information, devoid of its context.
Furthermore it was not perfect : a grep would help you find a log but not put it into its context, which you need to really understand.

Regaining control of our app

We met Logmatic.io at the dotScale event in Paris and decided to give it a try. To benefit fully from the Logmatic.io capacity we envisioned, we started to more accurately log our data using Logback and SLF4J. Shortly after this initial log structuring phase, data was flowing into Logmatic.io platform – results came in quickly. Since having a clear view of several metrics at the same time became so easy, we started enriching our logs with hardware related items such as memory or disk usage. Now we knew what was happening in Setkeeper, and could use this single hub to deepdive down to the log level and quickly find the root cause!
We completed the work by creating alerts that allow us to take back control of our app, conveniently getting real-time updates through Slack.

Getting ahead of the game

chief technological officer
Thanks to Logmatic.io we have recovered eyesight on our business. Everyday we get a more precise view of our business by adding context to our logs in their log management platform. We added the project ID and referenced app modules. So now when we are deciding over product development and wondering about a specific module, for example the location module*, we know how users behaved using it. It really is a continuous feedback loop that feeds our app development.

Accelerating business decisions

melusyn logo Business decisions have also become much easier. Gathering data about customer activity previously took us one full headcount for 2 days a week. But now, looking at Logmatic.io’s dashboards, it is instantaneous. All this freed up time is spent in qualitative analysis, making sense of the trends we see and fueling business decisions at our weekly management meetings. We are even more data driven now.

Increasingly integrating it in our operations

Logmatic.io has helped us in many unexpected areas. It even helped us to over-deliver to some of Setkeeper’s customers. One had mistakenly erased data after following a specific set of actions. Thanks to Logmatic.io’s log management system, we were able to exactly understand the situation by going over previous actions taken by the client and were thus able to recover the missing data!

Besides adding more non standard logs into Logmatic.io to benefit from specific KPIs, such as time spent on the application, we are now imagining the possibilities offered by integrating Logmatic.io’s output with other of our internal systems. It’s exciting to work with a logging tool that is a continuous source of new ideas on how to improve our software and Setkeeper business.
*Location data comes from servers or browsers. The tech team @Melusyn were the initiators of a great piece of work that we’ve built upon to develop our javascript library. Thanks guys!

Logmatic.io has enabled numerous customers from different backgrounds to implement a powerful log management system. If you’re interested in reading about more use cases from different industries, pick one of the SendinBlue (emailer), Videdressing (retail marketplace) or the Adikteev(ad network) use cases. 

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