Easy Python Logging
with New Handler

To all the enthusiastic Pythonistas out there, Logmatic.io has integrated a Python Logging Handler to make all your Python logging easier.

The Logmatic.io – Python module is made out of a JSON formatter and a socket handler, that feed Python logs directly to Logmatic.io, so there is no need for a log shipper if you don’t want to use one!

A few steps to configure it into your system:

1. Write your Logs in JSON Format

Easy enough to do, you can still find all the appropriate details in our doc.

2. Stream your Logs to Logmatic.io

Couple your JSON Formatter to the Python Logging Handler from Logmatic.io by copy pasting the instructions here, and your logs will directly be ingested into Logmatic.io.

3. Add extra Information

Play around and add information to the base formatter, depending on what you want to explore – such as environments or hostnames.

Already picturing the possibilities? Easy to setup, easy to use, easy results with the Python Logging Handler! Read the documentation and get started.

If you are using other systems, go ahead and check the other Logmatic.io resources for Ruby on Rails, Node-JS, PHP Symfony and others.

A quick peek of what it will look like:

Python Logging Handler

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