How to increase proactivity
in one’s day-to-day work with logs by Outscale

Outscale, founded in 2010, is a cloud-provider offering Cloud Computing infrastructure services (IaaS). Their DNA consists in ensuring top-quality, innovative services as well as meticulousness when dealing with their clients.

With a strong focus on performance, Outscale has very high development and infrastructure standards. Eager to optimize both performance and scalability, their tech team wanted to find a log management solution to gain time and avoid grepping across servers.

The first step of their quest was deciding whether to buy or build such a tool. Realising the human resources and expertise they would have needed for building a tool on their own, they turned to benchmarking of log management expert solutions. Choosing, we discussed with Gaëtan Jeunet, Head of Service Continuity, about how they increased proactivity @ Outscale by:

  1. Boosting Infra visibility with logs
  2. Promoting data access to Devs, Support and prospective Service Providers

Interested in getting the whole story? Read on the specifics in our Outscale use case.

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