Logging 50+ projects
at a time with Netguru

Netguru ships success to their clients everyday. They are providing top-quality programming and software creation, all the while ensuring great UX. Specialised in Ruby on Rails, they build anything from web pages to e-commerce solutions or mobile apps. And on their mission of building safe and operational products, they strive to outdo themselves with every step. Thus, the possibility to improve their app performance with log visibility was a must.

That’s when they teamed up with Logmatic.io and we got the chance to discuss about their logging story.

No more server grepping for devs

Netguru was looking for a solution for their NGINX and Docker-based infrastructure. Their main need was centralizing all their data into a single hub and forgetting all about grepping. They would then recover crucial logs, monitor them and use alerts for more proactive performance.

Unforeseen analytical value

Since using Logmatic.io, logging @ Netguru became more than juste granular data and turned into powerful analytics. Now, they easily navigate graphs and dashboards that make it easy to:

  • Drive product development based on real data while ensuring happy end-users
    • By checking which parts of the app are most frequently used & the corresponding access time
    • Being spot-on when & where there are improvements to be made
  • Always refine infrastructure
    • By Getting a deep servers overview
    • Having full awareness of what is going on in real-time and taking action
    • Comparing parallel projects to make the most of each one of them

Always on the lookout for optimizations, Netguru has found the right match in Logmatic.io. Find the whole Use Case and see all the details of our cooperation.

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