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Travelling along the Loire River can be a great way to experience the charm central France has to offer. The area nestled with old and charming castles, rustic wineries and captivating landscapes is a great place to go if you’re looking for a relaxed weekend, great wine and… a successful tech gem.

Yes, you heard it – a tech gem. In this case, we are talking about Lucca, a software company that provides SaaS solutions to automate the HR and administrative processes of companies. They make great software and use, so we sat down with Bruno Catteau, VP of Platform and Security at Lucca, to discuss the ins and outs of running a successful platform and the benefits of using log management platform.

An exceptional user experience isn’t possible without understanding past machine events

With over 800 customers and 120,000 end users our team’s aim is to keep their HR operations running smoothly. We want our users to have an incredible user experience. It is our duty to put the right button in the right place so that their experience is as smooth as possible – No questions asked.
Over the last couple of years Lucca has grown continuously, and along with it so have our needs to understand the ins and outs of our infrastructure. So we initiated working on a better logging system to solve the problems we encountered.

We wanted to understand what was going on with a data driven approach. We started off by building an in-house tool to track what was happening on interface. We then set up PRTG in our systems, a real-time tool to follow up the metrics of our servers and track memory, CPU, disk usage, etc.
We could now better understand our customer’s usage and our servers’ live performance. However, logging at Lucca was still not quite a smooth activity as one thing was missing: understanding what had happened in the past. To understand errors, we would need to create alerts and wait for the errors to happen again.
For this reason, we thought that an appropriate next step would be to give Piwik and Loggly a try, but none of them really worked for us. Piwik wasn’t well suited for our architecture running on Windows, and Loggly wasn’t delivering the results we expected. We were truly unsatisfied with the options available.

Finally seeing what is happening allows us to act on it

We then met the guys from at Web2Day in Nantes and managed to set their real-time log analytics tool up shortly after. The results…astonishing. suited Lucca’s architecture perfectly as it is able to ingest any kind of data. It helps us understand customer’s usage like never before. We are aware of pretty much everything that happens.

Many actions at Lucca became simpler. For example, before using there was a functionality in our API that we wanted to remove and the process of doing so turned out to be an absolute nightmare since we couldn’t understand who was using this specific feature. With the log analyzer however, we monitor FTP, FTPS and SFTP and directly get the list of clients using one specific function. Then we can easily alert only the affected users of a change.
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We also had installed a WAF, a Web Application Firewall to protect our SQL applications against typical attacks like a Javascript injection. It did solve some of the application security flaws but the real question was: does it constrain our users actions or only those of hackers? was able to provide us the answer as we directly see what’s happening and we’re able to fine-tune our WAF, one step at a time, to only impact hackers.

Devs are bewildered at how deeply anchored is in our platform

“We see all that’s happening. The calculation ability is really there!” Our developer team is quite impressed with the features and the speed at which answers queries. Speed is crucial for the team. Many of them are from the Y Generation and, as we all know, they want instant answers. Our other log management tools were sluggish. When querying them they had to wait 3 minutes, something they didn’t want to deal with. So they ended up not using the tools at all. Our young team of developers expects everything to be very fast and react instantly. That is exactly what log management platform offers.
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Information spreading to Lucca’s support teams

Our application sends emails for our users. We were previously unable to easily track emails emitted down to SMTP. So whenever we had a problem with emails, we were mostly blind. Now we are able to trace correctly what happened to the email and then follow it to our SMTP gateway.
It is especially useful for our Support team to know if emails have indeed been sent. We were previously using another tool, but with this tool, taking charge of the log files takes 3 hours. Our clients call minutes after sending an email, so Support had to make them wait before getting back to them with a response.
Thankfully, logging at Lucca has become so easy that our Support team can now find the answers right away within’s log analyzer and directly explain it to clients. The platform enables us to get most of the information needed very easily, in a very short time.

Machine data is also spreading beyond Support. After having experienced the feeling of being trapped in the fog for too long, we feel like we have managed to open a new wave of opportunities and can answer questions previously thought to be impossible. As a matter of fact, I get dozens of requests on a daily basis asking me about our system and it only takes me a few minutes to answer.
All I have to do is send’s screenshots or analyses to my colleagues, et voila! It has really helped our workflow in the office, there is no more waiting around to explain concepts or ideas to colleagues- especially the ones that weren’t code proficient.

“I enjoy sending analysis to my colleagues whenever they have questions on our application. They can then decide to play with that to further dig around their questions.”
Not only does it answer their questions, but it also leaves them room to ponder the ideas a screenshot may present.

More work for product owners!

Lucca vicepresident it
Bruno Catteau
VP of Platform and Security

We now have access to real past information, which makes for super reporting. We always have been extremely demanding about performance, wanting pages to respond in less than a second. now gives us the evidence we need and makes logging at Lucca interesting. It gave more work to product owners as issues were finally seen!
Product development is now done together with our clients. We include their behaviours in the process and they contribute endlessly to our work. It is truly an insightful task, and we will thrive to go one step further in understanding usage by utilizing’s javascript library.

Besides Lucca, many other companies are using to improve their performances. See how BlaBlaCar or Melusyn use this log analyzer. Find a more thorough description of the product in the introductory article.

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