"Logmatic.io helped Wheeliz enhance user experience
during business critical time" says Remi Janot

Meet Rémi Janot, CTO of Wheeliz and happy Logmatic.io customer

Remi Janot Wheeliz
At the end of the summer, we crossed paths with Rémi Janot, CTO
and co-founder of Wheeliz. We sat down to have a quick chat with him
and here’s what he told us.

Launching Wheeliz : “We hit the ground running!”

Wheeliz is the first peer-to-peer wheelchair accessible car rental website. As a wheelchair accessible car owner might not use it everyday, we enable him to rent it to someone who needs it.

Charlotte de Vilmorin & myself started the company at the end of 2014. The website quickly followed and was launched last April. As of today, we have over 1000 users, 120 cars listed throughout France and a few hundred rentals. We won several awards, including the Moovjee contest Engagement Citoyen award, and the best project at the Assises de la Finance Participative.

“We were losing logs and had a limited view of our users’ problems”

I did not have much information to look at. I was using Zabbix for application monitoring, but really didn’t have any log analysis solution for troubleshooting. Whenever something happened, I had to log in via ssh and deep dive in the logs, which was not particularly user friendly.
I had another problem linked to our architecture. Our resources automatically adapt to load, as we have set up an autoscaling ability, which means we commission / decommission servers automatically. It is extremely handy but as we decommissioned servers we also lost their logs. So whenever something did happen, we would often end up missing the data we needed.
Wheeliz logo

Up and running in a few minutes

We came across Logmatic.io, and the setup process was very quick. It just took the time to configure Syslog-ng. As we deploy using Puppet, within a few minutes everything was fully propagated and logs were flowing in Logmatic.io. We were up and running with our brand new log analysis software.

First results came in, and it really pushed us to log more. We are currently adding more machine data depth so we can better tap it for operational insights. For instance we added request ID along the process of a customer request so we can much better trace down issues. We can now easily and instantly get all the logs of a specific request when investigating.

Ensuring good service during the fast-paced period of our product launch

Logmatic.io gave me a much better view of our whole system, which was especially needed at the time of our launch. I went from having mails sent to me by Symfony 2, looking at them hours or days later without data to actually look at because of our autoscaling, to accessing all the data, including historical data of a specific session: log management really changed at Wheeliz! It proved to be life saving as we had some great exposure and press coverage at that time. Our activity was growing, I was adding servers, and it was critical for Wheeliz that everything ran smoothly.

Adding more operational intelligence

logo wheeliz

Now I have started playing around some new use cases, like setting up dashboards to see where various robots navigate on our website, or thoroughly monitor our payment APIs. I believe much more can be done and I keep on exploring new ideas and use cases.

Thanks Rémi, we’ll sure keep you posted on new use cases. And we wish you to enjoy the ride as Wheeliz grows!

There is yet much more to discover about Logmatic.io. Have a look at all the product features or at other clients’ stories, such as Melusyn or SimplieField, to see how you can apply machine data analyzing to your own business.

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