Logmatic.io integration with Blackfire
for PHP Performance Testing

Blackfire.io is a great developper tool for application performance enhancement in the PHP world. Tech teams can continuously verify and improve the way their PHP apps run with timely information on how their blackfire logocode is performing, coupled with recommendations.
Blackfire enables advanced profiling tests on the the code itself which generate detailed data on resource consumption by each and every line of your code. So tech teams can quickly and accurately improve their code and their app performance.

I. Blackfire integration with Logmatic.io

The combination of Logmatic.io and Blackfire is the perfect fit to drive PHP performance:

1) Logmatic.io to Blackfire

Define what you consider as an incident in Logmatic.io and get instantly notified about it on your favorite channel: e-mail, slack notification or any other system via webhook. As Logmatic.io notifies you about an incident, it now also automatically starts Blackfire builds to execute performance tests. With the results in hand, you can adjust your code according to Blackfire recommendations.
Logmatic.io Alert

2) Blackfire to Logmatic.io

Anytime a Blackfire build report is available, it can be published to Logmatic.io to check your PHP app performance evolution in greater analytical details, thus fine-tuning your code performance again and again!

Combining the two ways enables you to know when an issue arises, get the full details on the source of the issue, and store it in your log history for further reference!


II. CCM’s take on Logmatic.io’s native integration to Blackfire for improving its webpages latency

CCM Benchmark is one of the leading French online media and advertising group with over 40 million unique visitors worldwide. With many websites, including linternaute, commentcamarche.net or le journaldunet, that are mainly built in PHP, CCM turned to Blackfire’s code profiling technology and tried its Logmatic.io integration.
Logmatic.io Blackfire integration

The Logmatic.io integration to Blackfire is self-evident for performance purposes, and I wouldn’t need to switch between accounts anymore” Xavier Leune, deputy CTO for CCM Benchmark

Xavier Leune, deputy CTO for CCM Benchmark, looks at both services combined as an efficient way to improve the performance of their slow pages, considering their negative business impact (no one likes to wait for a web page to load). Based upon their access logs, he wishes to set up alerts in Logmatic.io that would in turn trigger a Blackfire built.
So slow page loading times could automatically imply an in-depth investigation of what is running slow on that page with Blackfire!

Start with Logmatic.io triggers on Blackfire here and with Logmatic.io notifiers to check your build performance here.

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