Low-level analytics for infrastructure monitoring
with Perfstats, by Logmatic.io

We bring to you Perfstats – while our classic features give you insights on your logs and higher-level data, Logmatic.io now integrated a low-level of analytics, because infrastructure monitoring is just as important. All information is valuable, so we help you collect and analyze more of your machine data.

Perfstats-to-syslog will allow you to get the information you need on CPU, Memory, Disk & Network and thus monitor your system entirely, from the bottom to the top layers!

Data is streamed in a simple JSON format and is compatible with both Linux and Windows environments.

Find out how to set up your Performance stats in no time by reading our documentation and start enjoying your infrastructure data!

As for a quick teaser…
infrastructure analytics

Infrastructure monitoring by Logmatic.io with Perfstats

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