GO Handler
for every Golang Log

With so many Golang enthusiasts around, Logmatic.io built its own Go Handler. So now, you can stream any Golang log in JSON format straight to Logmatic.io, oh so smoothly.go logo logmatic

Whether you want to go agentless or with a log shipper:

  1. Get your library from Logrus GitHub. Get your JSON formatter and Addhook from Logmatic-Go GitHub.
  2. Format your logs in JSON, and add very easily meta information if you wish so.
  3. Stream your logs directly to Logmatic.io or use your log shipper.

Next thing you know, your logs flow, flow, flow, in your platform.

We warmly advise you to visit our Go Handler documentation to get a detailed step-by-step guide on how to send in your logs to Logmatic.io.

Discover our entire handler collection! You can choose among the Android Handler, the Python Handler, the Ruby on Rails one, and more here.

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