SendinBlue: Full visibility
into a growing infrastructure

SendinBlue is democratizing email campaigns and SMS messages among all marketers, be it beginners or advanced users. Their software, affordable and simple, has attracted over 100,000 clients already, with the special appreciation of e-retailers that love their automation processes.

Internationally based, with offices in the US, France and India, they are growing rapidly and want to offer the best service to their users, as Businessnewsdaily states.

Performance keeping up with feature releases & a growing infrastructure

emailing chart sendinblue
SendinBlue was undergoing amazing changes. Product features were constantly being added or updated and on the infrastructure level, new components were being installed continuously – Exciting times! Their system was becoming more and more complex. This pushed them to look for a reliable tool to collect and analyze all their machine data and logs.

After testing several log management tools, they were disappointed and kept looking further, eventually finding

What did bring to SendinBlue?

    • Proactive monitoring and a clear view of app performance, error codes, sending rates, processing or latency times
    • Clear tracing of all connections between transactional, marketing and automation e-mails
    • Reduced Answering Time of tech support by 5h
    • User-level debugging and visibility to facilitate knowledge
    • International collaboration facilitated between the US, France and India teams

Any familiar key points? Discover the full – SendinBlue Use Case and start using your machine data’s full potential!

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