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As tradition has it, DotJS was held at the end of last year. We had joined to be part of the fun and met Edgar Barrantes, Frontend Developer @ Manati during the event. Edgar had flown all the way from Costa Rica to Europe to attend the conference, and we got the chance to get some of his insights on the event.

Edgar is keen on staying up to date with latest technologies by following blogs and attending conferences. So he feels fortunate enough that his company encourages employees to take a “conference-break” once a year to mingle with the tech community.
Mainly using JavaScript and CSS, Edgar checked the 2016 events line-up on CSS Tricks and picked DotCSS and DotJS for their speakers and audience quality.

As a first time participant, he told us his expectations were undoubtedly met by the events. What he appreciated most, he confessed, was the diversity and high-quality of conferences:

I really enjoyed the 20 minutes talks. Their format reminded me of Ted Talk Conferences. I discovered so many interesting subjects I didn’t know much about… It was brilliant and mind-opening. I came back willing to look up most topics to learn more about them.

Plus meeting curious, innovation-driven frontend devs with different perspectives and backgrounds is a great opportunity:

The JavaScript ecosystem is very broad, so it is truly enriching to discover so many different point of views at once.

Edgar thought the meetup hold after the conference was a great initiative, with a less formal setting that promoted discussions and interactions among speakers and attending developers.

3D Headphones
As for the sponsors, Edgar confesses to have been pleasantly surprised. He competed in the Logmatic.io raffle… and found out a few weeks later the 3D Sound Labs headphones we were offering were heading his way. Now is time to test them while gaming or watching an action movie. 🙂

Follow up on all our events on logmatic.io/company/events!

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