Our New
Timeline & APIs!

To make navigating your flow of logs easier, we worked on making our timeline design more intuitive and fluid. You can display or wrap it by clicking on its icon:
timeline icons logmaitc
Next to the timeline icon, you will find the refresh feature and the play icon that will activate automatic refresh. Default view is now of 60 min and quick range options are now just left to the timeline icon.

And for the icing on the cake, navigation! We added to our timeline zoom in / out and shift left / right functions as some of you had interestingly suggested:

zoom shift timeline logmatic

Also, we’ve been telling you about our output API… and here they are! We now tolerate one day or 50 Millions docs maximum per request – whichever is less constraining to you.
Our Discover API is now ready and you can get the list of groups, list of fields and metrics present on your platform.
List events, fetch events and theAggregate API are also available:

POST /beta/events/fetch
POST /beta/aggregate

So you are now able to extract aggregated data from your Logmatic.io platform!

Enjoy the Logmatic.io timeline and APIs… and Keep on Loggin’!

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