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With 96% of companies currently managing their contracts manually, Concord is shaking things up and changing the contract signing world as we know it. Their aim is simple: eliminate manually-made contracts by providing a free, automated service. Offering unlimited e-signatures and contract storage for unlimited users, they are facilitating collaboration between so many entities already! Hundreds of companies and freelancers, in all sort of industries and businesses, are on board with Concord, including!
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Along with being easy to use, their application provides templates, alerts and even tracks changes. Concord believes in smooth negotiations that make everyone happy. They allow all parties of contracts to be involved, to agree rapidly and to gain time. Talk about a win-win situation…

We met with Florian Parain, CTO at Concord, who shared with us his challenges in logging for a service oriented architecture.

1. A complex infrastructure to track

At Concord, we are following a Service Oriented Architecture framework. For example, our email and our signature services are completely independent. It offers many advantages, most notably in terms of deployment and when something in our stack goes wrong. Behind these services are the technical instances that run them. Thus, because of our cloud infrastructure and high volumes of data, all of our technical instances are duplicated and redundant. And so our logs are generated by a tremendous amount of diverse technical instances.
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We’ve always been able to understand what was going on in our stack and to find the specific information we were looking for. It was a troublesome and lengthy process since it required us to connect to several instances to find the issue. So troubleshooting was rather tiresome and we had no clear and rich overall picture of our infrastructure. We needed to find a more efficient way to centralize and aggregate logs at Concord.

2. Using data granularity to get the Concord big picture

With, all our activity logs are now centralized. It did not even require us to initially add another technical layer: we just plugged the data. With we now have a central tool for all instances, regardless of technology, programmation languages of services, or services. And we can even do alerting on it.

“I’ve discovered a new way of managing logs”, Florian Parain, CTO Concord

We used to have only very technical performance monitoring, focused on low levels: checking if some machines are in overload with CPU for example. Now we can create stats and monitor business activity with KPIs such as number of signatures, number of emails or types of call… as well as length taken by different types of calls.
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We are saving so much time in information mining, whether it be for troubleshooting or for apprehending complex interactions. To get that kind of insights, it used to require some internal organisation as well as valuable developers’ time.

“I estimate that a typical information request would have taken 60 min, and it now takes us 5 min.” Florian Parain, CTO Concord

Product development is driven by a mix of information coming from our clients, our own code knowledge & information taken from New features selection is driven by direct client feedback. Once a goal is chosen, we decide what is the best road to take using For example, if half of our users find a specific Concord feature interesting and want more of it, we would use to see exactly what’s going on and how we need to transform our code to scale it.

3. Enhanced Security

We’ve always been pretty sensitive to security and implementing high standards – remember the type of contract data we handle. Now that detailed log entries are accessible through, we were able to decrease access to production instances and thus increase security. And at the same time, a now bigger team than before can work on troubleshooting. Now there is only one trustworthy person in the whole company to have access to the security server with encryption keys. concord site

4. Sharing data with Support Services

Our support teams are split between France and the USA in order to cover as many time zones as possible. It is important they have access to as much information as possible in order to answer clearly and quickly our customers.

As graphs and data visualization are accessible to all types of backgrounds, our tech team created specific dashboards for Concord Support Services with the analyses they use. Support teams are now more independent as they can navigate and click the interface by themselves to answer clients.

Along with Concord, many other clients use to aggregate logs such as Shopmium or Wheeliz. See all the product features to get an image of how it could help your business as well.

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