Brand New
Fluentd Plugin

And we’re back with some good news: the Fluentd Plugin is ready to use!  And you’ll even have the possibility to configure it according to your system and your specific needs. You can have a look at it on our GitHub depository here.

Our Fluentd Plugin is built out of a JSON formatter and a socket handler. Set-up is easy, quick and follows a couple of simple steps:

  1. Add the given Plugin to your Fluentd agent
  2. Configure the output Fluentd Plugin with your API key to match your events and then smoothly send them to
  3. Restart Fluentd

Can’t wait to get started? Visit our Fluentd Plugin doc for more detailed information, or have a look at our GitHub projectYou can also check out the original Fluentd format documentation to learn more about all the capabilities of the open source data collector.

And don’t forget all the other logging handlers you can choose from to make your life easier, such as Python, Ruby on Rails or Docker.

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