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Get started with Logmatic.io

Whatever the language or stack, staging or production, front or back,
Logmatic.io centralizes all your logs and metrics right into your browser.

efficient apps

Powerful Apps

Troubleshoot – Monitor – Alert

efficient apps

User Experience

Measure – Plan – Deliver

efficient apps

Business Decisions

Assimilate – Accelerate – Integrate

See across systems, apps and services
with 30+ integrations

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Operational intelligence for all your teams
in one log analyzer

logmatic.io for devops

Use one log analyzer tool to overview all your environments and their log entries, front to back. Get high-level APM and precise transaction tracing at once.

  • Faceted search, instant slice & dice filters
  • Clickable dashboards
  • Flexible, real-time alerts
Logmatic.io for devs

Autonomously ease deployment fixes by freely accessing your log analyzer & improve the quality of your code.

  • Cross applications tracing analyses
  • Chart & dashboard creation on the go
  • Temporary analysis link for quick team sharing
logmatic.io for business departments

Leverage new valuable data to quickly and precisely understand areas of improvement within your service.

  • Access to user-level behavior
  • Access to business-related product performance
  • Carefully designed web UX

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