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Funnel all logs, metrics and machine events into a single hub. Get a clear overview of what is happening across your distributed environments, and spot the needle in the haystack in no time.

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Powerful Apps

Troubleshoot – Monitor – Alert

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User Experience

Measure – Plan – Deliver

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Business Decisions

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Operational intelligence for all your teams for devs

Use one tool to overview all your environments and their log entries. APM and Troubleshooting all at once.

  • Flexible, real time alerts
  • Faceted search
  • Interactive dashboards for devops

Improve the quality of your code, autonomously ease deployment fixes & insert monitoring capabilities directly into your code.

  • Root cause analysis
  • Code behaviour monitoring
  • Access to production log entries for business departments

Whether you are Client Service, Marketing, or Management, leverage a new class of valuable data to quickly and precisely understand areas of improvement within your service.

  • Access user and product behaviour
  • Efficient data vizualization
  • Friendly interface to navigate & search

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